Our Mission is to make your business better through Technology.

We have a range of services available for all your Home & Business requirements some of our services include :

We Provide support for all your IT equipment , from Windows Server & Workstation Management , Networks & Firewalls Infrastructure, Network Equipments and Clients etc.

Backup your server, virtual machine, Office 365 email account or your workstation with our state of the art backup software.

Our software packages are tailored to your needs , we have a range of options available from zero tolerance endpoint protection applications to your standard internet security antivirus apps.

Are you ready for the big copper switch off ?With the removal of copper lines in Ireland . We can provide your business with an internet enabled phone system. Complete with management portal and mobile phone app.

Host your email & website with us and avoid any nasty spam, with our built in spam filters

Network Support

Having trouble with your Business network or your home Wifi, we can help

Mobile App Developments

Bespoke Apps designed to fit your requirements

We provide support for all your Computer and Laptop requirements, Antivirus Software, Device Upgrades, Service and Maintenance, Updates etc.

Website Development

Whether you already have an existing website or looking to start one from scratch

IT Solutions that enable you to work Smarter

Free up your time and resources by Outsourcing your IT support
Keep Your Network and IT equipment up to date and secure
IT Support Monaghan Cavan Louth


We’re a Managed IT Support Company Based in Co. Monaghan, Ireland. We provide a range of business IT solutions and support plans that are designed to meet the specific needs of Small to Medium Sized Businesses.

Managed IT Support is when a company outsources the management and maintenance of their IT infrastructure to an external provider. This can include everything from setting up computer networks to providing ongoing maintenance and support. This can have massive savings for SME’s without having to employ full time IT staff as well as allow other staff members to focus on the tasks their employed to do.

Trust is earned,  and at Tech IT Solutions we aim to give clients the response times they desire to keep their business running smoothly, Our endpoint monitoring services help avoid downtime and security breaches to protect company data.

We also offer a free audit of your IT infrastructure so that we can recommend the best support plan for your business.

Some of Our Services

Why Choose Tech IT Solutions as your IT Services Partner ?

Quick Response

We Understand that businesses cannot wait, Efficiency and speed is the key to providing effective IT support for our Customers.

Client Focused

Every Business is Different and our Focus is always Tailored to your needs. We Work Carefully with your business to provide effective support when required.


Many of our Current clients would say the same thing about our service. When you need us, we will always be there.


With over 20 Years experience in the IT Sector , Tech IT Solutions has developed a vast amount of experience. We use this experience to help our Customers.

What our customer say?

Building a solid relationship with our Customers is central to everything we do.


Really love the level of experience and support

Over the years we struggled to get reliability and consistency when it comes to getting IT support for our Business. We heard about Tech IT Solutions via word of mouth and we decided to get in touch. Since then we never have to worry about any IT issue, We receive outstanding service and we always feel reassured anytime we get in contact.

James - Monaghan

Revolutionised my Business

Since we made the switch to Tech IT Solutions my business has made a massive leap forward into the 21st century. New Computers, New Cybersecurity Software our important documents are now backed up safely to the cloud and the VOIP phone system we got installed has changed everything about how I manage my staff. Im extremely happy with how things have gone.

Peter - Monaghan
Business Owner

Hybrid Service

We searched for a long time to try and find a Tech support business that could provide equal levels of expertise in Both Apple & Windows servers and computers. We have been delighted with the service we have received so far. Our business depends on a smooth IT system and we receive impeccable support from Tech IT Solutions. We work in the hospitality sector and our hours of business are outside of the standard 9-5, we have never had an issue when we need support regardless of the time.

Ciara - Louth
Cloud Backup Service

Backup your whole system using our state of the art backup software.

Protect yourself from a disaster situation. Our Software allows you to restore your full system or simply just one file.
Backup Windows Servers , Virtual Machines and Workstations
Backup Computer Backup Server Backup

Protect your Servers. Workstations & Microsoft 365 data

Backup is essential, but it’s only the start. True data protection requires a cloud-first solution for today’s cloud-first world. With ransomware threats looming, you need more than cloud tacked onto the same-old image backup.

Store your backups off the local network by default, out of the reach of ransomware, with Cove’s efficient, direct-to-cloud architecture.

Optional Local Storage

Cloud-first doesn’t have to mean cloud-only. Use a network share or the hardware of your choice to keep an optional local copy of backups for recovery at WAN speed.

Keep 5 Times more restore Points

TrueDelta efficiency means you can keep five times more restore points using the same amount of storage as with traditional image backups.


Up to 600% more efficient than image backups, so you can backup more often

Disaster Recovery

Delivers either full system image recovery or fast file / folder /database restore

Microsoft Data

Backup your office 365 emails , Teams Data, Onedrive Files and folders & Sharepoint data

Backup that has your Back

Appliance free direct to cloud backup for Physical Servers, Workstations, Virtual Servers and Microsoft Data (365 mail, Sharepoint, Teams Data & Onedrive content)

Backup storage in our worldwide private cloud is included in your price. Keep data in region with 30 data centers. Backing up your data offsite keeps it out of reach from Disaster such as Fire, Theft and Cyber attack.

Cloud backup is delivered as a service, so we handle the updates, patching, and maintenance for you. 

As a client you will receive your very own management portal, that will enable you or your IT Dept to view every backup that has taken place. Inside this portal you will be able to view and control your backups all from one central location.

As our Client we provide support 24/7, 365 days a year so your never on your own. 

What Can I backup ?

My Backup Options

Backup Software Monaghan

Plan Add Ons

With this optional extra we check the reliability of your backup every 2 weeks using our cloud infrastructure to ensure that when it comes to crunch time the backup will restore as expected.

This is an optional extra that allows our customers to restore from a backup into a virtual environment. (Available for OnPrem Hyper V, Azure Targets) 

Recovery Testing
Backup Microsoft 365 Data

Microsoft 365 Data

Automatically back up Exchange mailboxes, contacts, and calendars up to six times a day. Back up Teams channels, members, settings, and messages also up to six times a day.

Protect SharePoint sites and permissions, including custom and sub-libraries, as well as OneDrive data and permissions with up to four backups a day.

Don’t risk data loss when Microsoft 365 accounts are disabled. Retain backups for seven years, even for inactive accounts.

Cloud storage is included, with worldwide data centers to keep your data in region.

Disaster Recovery that fits your Business

Standby Image and bare-metal recovery put you a step ahead.

Granular, appliance-free recovery for files, folders, or Microsoft 365 data.

Be confident your backups are recovery ready, saving staff time on testing.

For the most demanding recovery-time objectives, proactively set up a standby image and automatically send every backup to it to reduce your recovery time when it matters most.

When disaster strikes, Cove helps you recover a full device to a virtual machine or to new hardware—the choice is yours.

Cloud Backup Software
Cyber Security Endpoint Protection

Stop Threats at the Root.

Protect your computer network with super smart self learning software that will protect your business from cyber attack.

STOP relying on threat detection
block everything you don't trust.

How we can protect your business!

Our endpoint protection platform that provides enterprise-level cybersecurity to organizations globally. Instead of relying heavily on detection methods and chasing threats, the softwares solutions block everything that is not explicitly trusted and limit actions to only what is needed.

“Zero Trust security is much more effective than detection tools.” The softwares Zero Trust philosophy extends beyond Allowlisting to incorporate controlling what permitted applications can do, what storage areas can be accessed and how, and what network connections can be made. Denies and allows are recorded in real time in a Unified Audit to assist with compliance.

Easy to use and integrate seamlessly into existing IT environments. Our innovative Learning Mode and rapid response time of the 24/7/365 Cyber Hero Support Team makes onboarding and implementing a streamlined process.

Endpoint Security Main Features


You can deny any application or service from running on your device that is not a part of the allowlist. This helps to mitigate and stop cyberattacks from happening on your devices or across your network.

File Behaviour

Along with evaluating potential known malicious behavior, the files will be observed in real-time, revealing any unexpected behavior. The Testing Environment will show if the files are attempting to interact with the registry, make system changes, or reach out to the internet.

Ring Fencing

Ringfencing allows you to control how applications can interact with other applications. For example, while both Microsoft Word and PowerShell may be permitted, RingfencingTM will prevent Microsoft Word from being able to call PowerShell, thus preventing an attempted exploit of a vulnerability such as the Follina vulnerability from being successful.

Storage Control

Storage Control provides policy-driven control over storage devices, whether the storage device is a local folder, a network share, or external storage. Storage Control allows granular policies to be set, which could be as simple as blocking USB drives, or as detailed as blocking access to your backup share, except when accessed by your backup application.

Elevation Control

Elevation Control enables users to run specific applications as a local administrator, even when they do not have local admin privileges. Elevation Control puts IT administrators in the driving seat, enabling them to control exactly what applications can run as a local admin without giving users local admin rights.

Audit Access to Files

A full detailed audit of all file access on USB, Network, and Local Hard Drives is centrally accessible within minutes of a file being opened.

Enhanced network security

Ensure rogue devices on your network cannot access your servers or endpoints with Dynamic ACLs.

Cloud Based

The cloud-managed solution provides customers with a centralized view of endpoint policies and network traffic across your organization.

Cyber Security

What is Ransomware ?

Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts files, locking a victim out of their confidential data. If the victim pays the ransom, they may receive a decryption key that will restore their files and data access. If the demanded ransom is not paid, the threat actor may leak their data-on-data leak sites (DLS) such as the dark web and/or permanently block access to their files. As ransomware is distributed by cybercriminals, there is no guarantee that files will be decrypted if the ransom is paid, or that data wasn’t immediately leaked onto the dark web.

Cyber Security

Prevent Un-Authorized File Encryption

Application Allowlisting denies all executables, libraries, and scripts from executing, except those that are explicitly permitted to run in an environment.

Many cybercriminals use legitimate encryption tools such as 7-Zip to encrypt files. By using Allowlisting, legitimate tools that have not been explicitly allowed, including those that could be used to encrypt data, are blocked.

Cyber Security

What is meant by Zero Day Vulnerability ?

A computer vulnerability is simply a weakness or error in the code of a device or software. Through continual testing, developers attempt to find bugs in their code and release updates that remediate the errors. A zero-day vulnerability is a vulnerability that does not have a patch available. These are called zero-days because the developer has had zero-days to implement a solution for the vulnerability.

A zero-day vulnerability exploit occurs when a threat actor discovers a way to take advantage of a zero-day vulnerability for nefarious reasons. Once a developer becomes aware of a vulnerability, it may still take time to build a successful patch to address the flaw, giving adversaries more time to exploit the known defect.


Endpoint Protection

How to Prevent a Zero day Attack ?

Traditional reactive security tools such as EDR and antivirus/anti-malware can’t prevent zero-day cyberattacks. These attacks are best combatted using proactive security techniques. While it is essential to ensure that all software and firmware in an environment are updated with security patching, as these patches are the developer’s way of fixing potentially exploitable errors, threat actors can still discover zero-day vulnerabilities.

Allowlisting such as Endpoint Security Allowlisting that operates using a Zero Trust, default deny philosophy will block all applications, libraries, and scripts not contained in the allow list. Should a zero-day vulnerability be exploited, malware and ransomware would be unable to run as they would not be included on the allow list.

RingFencing provides boundaries around permitted applications to prevent them from interacting with the registry, the internet, protected files, and other applications, including powerful built-in Windows tools such as PowerShell, CMD, and Regsvr32, which are commonly abused in cyberattacks. If a permitted application had a zero-day vulnerability that was exploited, the attack would be unable to progress past the Ringfencing barriers, stopping or limiting the potential damage that can be incurred.

Incident response with default deny and cyberattack prevention

Incident response (IR) is the process of implementing a solution to recover from a cyberattack and ensuring that future cyberattacks do not occur because of footholds and other unknown malware being left behind.  Traditional cybersecurity has become a process of documenting known behavioral patterns within an environment and reacting to anything that steps out of those lines.

Unfortunately, attackers can often use good and bad software in your environment with self-evolving/reproducing malware that creates new signatures each time, slipping past detection tools and going undetected; rendering the detection process unreliable on its own.

Our Endpoint Security solutions change the dynamics of incident response from a default allow to a default deny perspective. You can immediately take control of the environment and secure the machines once deployed. You can automatically select the software you need to run, and block everything else, preventing any cyberattack.

We have a Cybersecurity solution for everyone, Whether you are a Large Organisation or a Small Home Office.

Contact us to find out how we can Help.

Internet Enabled Business Phone System

The Power of Simple with Voice over Internet - VoIP

A Phone System that improves the way your business works.
Internet Phone System VOIP

Any Device anywhere in the world

We’ve a range of VoIP desk phone options to choose from, from leading manufactures Snom, Yealink and Polycom. Simply select if it’s desk, dect or a conference unit you need. Or if you have an existing IP phone give us a call, we may be able to manually provision it for you.

Answer any call on any device, anywhere

Download a soft phone with one click provisioning. We have a range of hosted soft phones including, mobile apps, desktop and browser.

You can use the soft phone to answer calls or use one of our handsets.

Next generation communications Web RTC is included as standard within our VoIP license. Simply log in from any browser in the world and make and receive a call. No downloads, no hardware.

A first in VoIP solution, include any external number into your phone system. Any number can be fully integrated into a fully functional hosted phone system, even incorporate a  phone box.

System features

A fully functioning hosted phone system that makes number management easy

This system can replace or work alongside your current phone system. It brings all your phone numbers and devices, both personal and business, under one management system.

Setup in minutes, with no manual. Manage all devices and numbers with drag and drop technology. Simple user friendly portal that anyone can use.
A powerful modern phone system that can work with the leading CRM systems

Incorporate your hosted phone system into the leading CRM platforms (Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hubspot, Salesforce etc). Click 2 dial, screen popping, call analytics, make the most out of your phone system.

See who’s on the phone, from anywhere. You can see who is on the phone no matter where they are, even if they are on their home landline in the kitchen

Improve your performance with call analytics

Improve an organisation with detailed call analytics. By understanding how your team is performing on inbound and outbound calls, make big changes through our simple call flow

What was the call like?

Our simple user interface allows you to retrieve a call recording with just a few clicks, provided you have the necessary permissions. You can even activate the recording mid call on a mobile.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Integrate your Teams users into your office phone system
Allow your Team to use their Microsoft Devices as part of their extension.
The system allows you to run most of your office on a cloud based phone system while giving some of your users phone system access via teams

Customers can attach a range of devices (mobile, deskphone, computer phone, landline phone) to their account and manage how they receive their calls and use all of the other phone system services.

All users in an office can collaborate sharing messages, content, and video. The integration allows those teams users that need to make calls from their teams account to do so using their teams account as one of their devices on the main office system.

Configure and deploy a phone system in minutes with drag and drop management portal

Configuring a phone system will never be the same, it’s so easy to do, anyone can do it. No manual needed.

Incorporate any device, even if it’s not part of the phone system. Integrate your mobile, home and personal numbers with ease. Even record their calls for peace of mind.

“107 handsets with 77 DDI’s configured and provisioned in under 2 hours.”

As a system grows, so does your call flow. Simply link up a new number to an existing flow or drag and drop new features in, instantly.

“700 Numbers configured and managed from one call flow screen.”

No more contacting your provider for simple changes, customers love having the control to change their communications, easily.

Our award winning VoIP software may be easy to use, but it’s certainly not basic. Our call flow’s can scale to thousands of phone number all in one screen.

Packages available depending on your business needs


Licence & Unlimited calls for Small Office


Licence & Unlimited Calls for SME


Licence & Unlimited Calls for Enterprises

Ready to Build

Better Call Flows?

One of our Experts can show you how our software has revolutionised call routing 

During Demo Learn More About Call Recording..

Our simple user interface allows you to retrieve a call recording with just a few clicks, provided you have the necessary permissions. You can even activate the recording mid call on a mobile.

During Demo Learn More About Call Reporting…

Improve an organisation with detailed call analytics. By understanding how your team is performing on inbound and outbound calls, make big changes through our simple call flow