Cyber Security Protection
Protect your Business Computer Network, Databases, Emails, Files & Folders 365 days a year.

How We can Protect your Business

Cyber Security Services

Nowadays cyber crime is on the increase and unfortunately Small & Medium Enterprises are being Targeted due to the fact that most businesses do not have sufficient protection in place. Most SME’s are under the illusion that they will never be a victim of cybercrime and as a result leave themselves open to attack.

At Tech IT Solutions, we have the know how to ensure your business is fully protected from cyber crime. Some of our services include.

  1. Managed Endpoint Security 
  2. Email Protection
  3. Storage Protection
  4. Network Protection
  5. Risk Inteligence 
  6. Data Breach Security 


Endpoint Security Main Features

Most Businesses use Anti-Virus Software and they feel safe in the knowledge that they are secure and safe from threat, when in actual fact Anti-Virus software can be easily bypassed and can often react when to late after your data and Network have been compromised.

We carefully studied the market and partnered with a world leading endpoint security provider which stops attack before it can begin. With built in Tamper Protection the software is a powerful tool to manage anything running on your devices.

Its designed and built with businesses in mind and it adapts to its environment, continuously learning from every process and service that runs on your computer network.

Once installed the endpoint security learns what programs are required by your business during a predefined learning period. The software creates policies for your business based on the applications running. This way it will know what’s allowed and what needs to be stopped. Therefore stopping anything unusual from executing before it has a chance to get a foothold

Endpoint Protection

You can deny any application or service from running on your device that is not a part of the allowlist. This helps to mitigate and stop cyberattacks from happening on your devices or across your network.

Along with evaluating potential known malicious behavior, the files will be observed in real-time, revealing any unexpected behavior. The Testing Environment will show if the files are attempting to interact with the registry, make system changes, or reach out to the internet.

Ringfencing allows you to control how applications can interact with other applications. For example, while both Microsoft Word and PowerShell may be permitted, Ringfencing will prevent Microsoft Word from being able to call PowerShell, thus preventing an attempted exploit of a vulnerability such as the Follina vulnerability from being successful.​

Storage Control provides policy-driven control over storage devices, whether the storage device is a
local folder, a network share, or external storage. Storage Control allows granular policies to be set, which could be as simple as blocking USB drives, or as detailed as blocking access to your backup share, except when accessed by your backup application.

Elevation Control enables users to run specific applications as a local administrator, even when they do not have local admin privileges. Elevation Control puts IT administrators in the driving seat, enabling them to control exactly what applications can run as a local admin without giving users local admin rights.​

A full detailed audit of all file access on USB, Network, and Local Hard Drives is centrally accessible within minutes of a file being opened.​

Ensure rogue devices on your network cannot access your servers or endpoints with Dynamic ACLs.​

The cloud-managed solution provides customers with a centralized view of endpoint policies and network traffic across your organization.​

Reasons to Protect your Business

Cyber Security


Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts files, locking a victim out of their confidential data. If the victim pays the ransom, they may receive a decryption key that will restore their files and data access. If the demanded ransom is not paid, the threat actor may leak their data-on-data leak sites (DLS) such as the dark web and/or permanently block access to their files. As ransomware is distributed by cybercriminals, there is no guarantee that files will be decrypted if the ransom is paid, or that data wasn’t immediately leaked onto the dark web.

Cyber Security

Zero Day Attacks

A computer vulnerability is simply a weakness or error in the code of a device or software. Through continual testing, developers attempt to find bugs in their code and release updates that remediate the errors. A zero-day vulnerability is a vulnerability that does not have a patch available. These are called zero-days because the developer has had zero-days to implement a solution for the vulnerability. A zero-day vulnerability exploit occurs when a threat actor discovers a way to take advantage of a zero-day vulnerability for nefarious reasons. Once a developer becomes aware of a vulnerability, it may still take time to build a successful patch to address the flaw, giving adversaries more time to exploit the known defect.

Cyber Security

Data Breach

Your Data is essential to your business, it belongs to your business and without it your business would find it very difficult to operate. Therefore it is absolutely essential that your data remains secure and private and never gets into the public domain. Data Breaches can cost companies Thousands of Euro. Whether the compromised data is that of your business or personal data belonging to your customers it is essential you have the correct security measures in place to protect it from cybercrime.

Incident Response

Incident response (IR) is the process of implementing a solution to recover from a cyberattack and ensuring that future cyberattacks do not occur because of footholds and other unknown malware being left behind.  Traditional cybersecurity has become a process of documenting known behavioral patterns within an environment and reacting to anything that steps out of those lines.

Unfortunately, attackers can often use good and bad software in your environment with self-evolving/reproducing malware that creates new signatures each time, slipping past detection tools and going undetected; rendering the detection process unreliable on its own.

Our Endpoint Security solutions change the dynamics of incident response from a default allow to a default deny perspective. You can immediately take control of the environment and secure the machines once deployed. You can automatically select the software you need to run, and block everything else, preventing any cyberattack.

Email Security Main Features

Help Safeguard against Phishing, spam, viruses, ransomware, social engineering, and other email-borne threats. 

  1. Detect phishing and protect in real time with collective threat intelligence and machine learning
  2. Help secure inbound and outbound email with full SPF/DKIM/DMARC support
  3. Get 24/7 email continuity and encrypted, long-term email archiving with unlimited storage
  4. Give your business-sensitive emails an extra layer of protection with Private Portal.
  5. Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365
Email Security

Using machine learning and other filtering technologies, our software keeps you safe by monitoring monitoring every email that arrives through your incoming server.

Our cloud-based proprietary engine evolves to recognize new threat patterns in real time.  Machine learning, antivirus, and reputational feeds detect and respond to new attacks.

Our proprietary engine is fed continuous data from 23 million email boxes to recognize new threat patterns. Help protect against malware, phishing, impersonation, human error, and more.

End users can sign in to a fully branded web portal, where they can continue to receive, read, and send emails with zero interruption. Once email service is restored, email is synched and delivered back to the email service.

Once you’ve signed up for archiving, email can be automatically retained or expired according to your preferred settings, which is critical for businesses required to store email data for years to meet compliance requirements. Easily query incoming or outgoing email archives to find one or more specific messages.

Private Portal sends a notification to recipients when they receive an email with business-critical information, based on policies configured. By clicking the link within the notification, the recipients can view and reply to the email within a protected web-mail system, where qualified emails will be stored for 30 days.

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